Nelle meets with Michael about her case on GH
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Reasons Michael shouldn’t think he’s going to beat Nelle.

Next week is the last new week of original General Hospital episodes. In’s General Hospital spoilers, we reported that on the final new episode, Nelle gives the performance of a lifetime. For weeks now viewers have been waiting for the custody hearing between Nelle and Michael over Wiley, and it’s finally here. Even with Michael and Willow’s quickie wedding to put them in the position as the better parents for Wiley, they shouldn’t underestimate Nelle. I think Nelle is going to come out with at least partial, if not full custody of Wiley and I’m going to explain why.

1. Martin Grey

Nelle has Martin as her attorney, and he’s already proven himself to be a crafty lawyer. He got her early parole, proving he can pull off the impossible. He also got the assault and kidnapping charges against her tossed out when she was trying to flee Port Charles with Wiley.

2. Grandma Nina

Nelle already has Nina falling under her spell, and if things start to go south for Nelle in court, Nina will likely testify out of her own misplaced guilt of not knowing and raising her own daughter. Of course, when the truth comes out that Nelle is Nina’s long lost daughter, she will move heaven and earth to protect Nelle and her grandson.

3. She’s studied Carly

It’s not breaking news that Nelle is obsessed with Carly, and has studied her playbook. It wouldn’t be a surprise if she pulled out one of Carly’s old scams and claimed on the stand that Michael was not Wiley’s father, and she only let him believe it in hopes one day they’d reunite. Nelle is going to do what she does best and drop some bombs in court.

4. Michael and Willow’s pasts

Diane objected to Michael marrying Sasha because her recent scam wouldn’t make good mother material on the stand. But Michael and even Willow don’t have squeaky clean pasts. It’s already been brought up that Michael did a stint in prison for killing Claudia Zacchara, and Nelle and Martin will no doubt bring up Michael and Carly’s stunt at the hospital forging her signature on the papers allowing Wiley to have surgery. Willow was also involved in a cult, and then hid her pregnancy from the baby-daddy Shiloh, who is Nelle’s late husband. And she went to jail rather than tell him the truth about their child in court.

5. She’s Nelle

Let’s be honest, this is Nelle, and somehow Nelle gets away with everything. The powers that be also seem to adore the character and don’t seem to be able to let go of her. If for no other reason, Nelle will win custody because she’s Nelle.

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