GH Rundown for the week of October 5!

My heart broke for Johnny last week after Olivia dumped him. He didn’t hide one bit of his hurt, as his devastation oozed out of every pore. And while I do not advocate violence against women, I loved Johnny threatening this sister in regards to Olivia. I was so glad he didn’t believe Olivia wanting to dump him and correctly assumed his sister was behind it. His anger has been percolating for so long, that Claudia finally pushed him over the edge and he had to let it out.

I understand why they had Chikezie Eze from American Idol sing “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)” at Jake’s, as it highlighted Olivia and Johnny’s anguish, but I don’t think it was necessary. His performance was alright, but when his character told Coleman he wanted to get the crowd going, I thought he was going to rock out, not croon a love ballad. My biggest problem with it though is Karaoke Night is fun because we get to see the regular cast of GH in a different light. I mean, how often do we see Mac get drunk, shake his butt and sing “Macho Man” with his shirt undone to this belly button? That’s just good fun. Listening to a guest star sing, who we’ve never seen in Port Charles before, not so much. Johnny’s heartfelt rendition of “Try a Little Tenderness” was far more effective and would have been enough to drive home the hurt between Jolivia.

However, after reading Chikezie’s tweets, he seems to be a fan of the show and was pretty excited to be on GH, so I’m happy for him in that respect. I just think it would have been better if they had him on as a recurring bartender for a couple of days or weeks so we could get to know him and then let him sing.

I did think it was cute that Patrick was too insecure to follow up the bartender’s performance, even though I enjoy when he sings. The Louise thing seems a little out of left field, but I really have complete faith in Patrick at this point that he won’t cheat on Robin. Maxie’s plan for Robin to keep her love life exciting is pretty uncharacteristic of the couple, which I suppose is the point, but I did think Robin was pretty funny dressing up as whatever it was she was supposed to be. I think she’s more of the surprise-him-in-the-locker-room-shower kind of gal though.

I’m on the fence about Nikolas being such a hands-off dad. I understand he is a Cassadine, has screwed up family dynamics and is a bit stoic, but Stefano did love him and when he finally came to Port Charles, his mother Laura gave him affection, which he returned. He loves his siblings, loved and showed Emily affection, and has mainly been a good, decent, caring character, so I would assume he would give his son love, especially if he felt he never got it himself growing up. However, if his Cassadine gene has trumped everything else, then at least they are explaining why we never see him pay attention to his poor son.