Olivia faces off in Rebecca Taylor. (Soaps.com)

We’re back with the latest installment of our fashion scoop with GH‘s Head of Wardrobe, Mary Iannelli!

Lisa L & Zoe P: Where is the blue/green maternity dress from that Carly wore on September 14 – 17?

A: Carly’s sea foam green halter dress was from Nordstrom online.

Nadia N: Could you tell me where the double strand necklace Carly wore on September 18th is from?

A: Carly’s silver chain necklace was 2 separate necklaces from Nordstrom.

Shannon H: Could you tell me where I could get the yellow shirt Lulu wore on September 21?

A: Lulu’s yellow top was by Miss Sixty.

Jackie F: Can you tell me where Olivia’s blue top on the August 25 episode came from?

A: Olivia’s blue top was by Ella Moss.

Sarah Z: What is the label on Jason’s black t-shirt from September 21? Are his black tees different labels or from the same place?

A: Jason’s t-shirts are by Mossimo from Target.

Kenielle A: I was wondering who Maxie was wearing on September 22. She had on a blue skirt and a white shirt.

A: Maxie’s dress was by Aqua at Bloomingdales.

Tabitha S: I am wondering if you could tell me where I can find the shirt that Lulu was wearing from September 14th-18th. It was black with different colored “kissing” lips all over it.

A: Lulu’s t-shirt with the lips was by French Connection from Bloomingdales.

Stephanie G: I am trying to find out where I can find the ring that Kate wore last year on the episode when she got Sonny out of jail by using her designer name. It was a round sterling silver ring that looked like a coin.

A: Kate’s ring was from Banana Republic.