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Recalling Detective Taggert’s hatred for Sonny Corinthos and other Port Charles connections.

Réal Andrews returns to General Hospital as Marcus Taggert on January 17. It’s been 17 years since Sonny Corinthos crossed paths with his nemesis, so realized our readers might need a refresher on the detective’s history.


Detective Marcus Taggert first came to the attention of Port Charles residents, most specifically Sonny Corinthos, in 1996.


While growing up in Brooklyn, a trouble-making Marcus Taggert was befriended by police officer Deke Woods, a.k.a. Sonny Corinthos’ abusive step-father.


Taggert’s relationship with Deke inspired him to become a police officer.


When Deke was shot dead, Taggert made it his mission to avenge his mentor’s death. Believing Sonny was the culprit, Taggert made the mobster’s life as difficult as possible.

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Though he despised Sonny, Taggert took a liking to Sonny’s wife Lily Rivera who died in a car bomb meant for Sonny, deepening Taggert’s ire for the mobster.
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Taggert took in the son Lily had given up for adoption, Juan Santiago, when he was a teenager and came looking for his parents after Lily’s death.


Taggert dated Dara Jensen, but her devotion to her job as District Attorney made it difficult for them to have a relationship.


The detective also dated FBI agent Hannah Scott, who previously targeted and then fell in love with Sonny. Taggert ended their relationship because of her friendship with A.J. Quartermaine.


Taggert has a half-sister, Gia Campbell, who was once romantically involved with Nikolas Cassadine.

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Detective Taggert covered for Gia when he discovered she was responsible for an accident involving Elizabeth Webber. He also looked the other way upon discovering Gia aided fugitive Helena Cassadine, who was blackmailing her.


When Taggert expressed concerns over DA Scott Baldwin’s less than legal means of taking Sonny down, Baldwin manipulated Taggert out of his job.


Taggert was played by Réal Andrews from 1996 – 1997. Matthew St. Patrick (Sons of Anarchy; Adrian Sword, All My Children) took over the role in 1997. Andrews returned in 1998 and played the disgruntled cop until 2003 when Baldwin forced Taggert to relocate to Portland, Oregon.