Quartermaine family portrait on General Hospital
Credit: Image: Valerie Durant/ABC

Starting off a new decade with a fresh look on General Hospital.

On the Friday December 27 episode of General Hospital, Tracy Quartermaine returned home to a renovated mansion as detailed in Soaps.com’s recap. She was stunned by the new look of the mansion, which was masterminded by her sister-in-law Monica Quartermaine. As Monica quickly reminded Tracy, it was her house because her late husband Alan Quartermaine gave it to her. The ownership of the family home has been just one of the bones of contention between Monica and Tracy over the years. The mansion has been a staple set of the ABC soap opera since the Quartermaines were introduced in 1977. The previous incarnation of the set was last seen in the Thanksgiving episode airing on December 2 when Drew attended the Quartermaine’s Thanksgiving.

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The new set was the idea of General Hospital executive producer Frank Valentini. Set designer Jennifer Elliott spoke with Soap Opera Digest about the reasons behind the new Quartermaine mansion.  The older set had space issues, and it was difficult to shoot characters arriving at the front door. Valentini also wanted to put some money, time and effort into the family and their home. The original staircase was preserved but simply moved in the new foyer’s design. The show was able to locate photos and blueprints of the original set, which they used in the redesign but on a smaller scale in order to maximize stage space for other sets.

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The new Quartermaine mansion has a modern look with a focus on white, gold, and green-gray colors. The old wood paneling has been replaced by white walls and marble, though some wood remains. The staircase steps and railing, doors and fireplace mantel are still wood. The staircase now has a cheetah print runner and the front door is to the right, with the entrance to the living room on the left. In the living room, the old couch and table are gone, with a completely new layout of a grey modern sofa and white upholstered chairs. Vases with flowers have also been added as accents and white side tables. New modern sleek bookcases line the walls, along with framed pieces of art. Fans have already noticed that many of the family portraits seem to be missing, especially the ones on the new fireplace mantle. You can view photos of the new mansion set here on Soaps.com.