brad cooper over the years on general hospital
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Looking back on General Hospital’s Brad Cooper over the years in Port Charles.

As the baby switch storyline involving General Hospital lab tech Brad Cooper heats up with car crashes, attempted murders, lies, love and more, rumors abounded that the scheming adoptive father would scheme no more. But with Brad’s portrayer Parry Shen staying on General Hospital, despite a previous announcement of his departure, takes a look back at who the character is, where his relationships are, and how he fits on the canvas…


Brad Cooper was introduced to viewers on February 13, 2013 as a hospital lab technician portrayed by an unknown actor.


Actor Parry Shen took over the role of Brad on May 3, 2013.


Brad Cooper was initially written as a short-term recurring character for four episodes. He has now appeared in over 200 episodes.


Brad was adopted by the Cooper family. Though viewers have never met his adoptive parents or any family members.

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However, Brad Cooper was revealed to be the biological son of 1980s Asian Quarter mob boss Kim Wu and the great-grandson of patriarch Mr. Wu.


During his childhood, Brad was bullied as a “fat, Chinese, gay, tap dancer.”


Brad was once technically married to Rosalie Martinez in a marriage of convenience, but they divorced in 2016.


Dr. Britt Westbourne is Brad’s best friend. He once helped her scheme against Nurse Sabrina Santiago in exchange for a promotion.


Brad Cooper had a crush on Nurse Felix DuBois and the two dated for a while. He tried to make amends for his scheming against Felix’s best friend Sabrina in order to gain his attention.


Brad formed a friendship with Dr. Lucas Jones. They shared a family history of being born to mob boss fathers and having been given up for adoption.


Brad and Lucas married in 2016 at Alexis Davis’ house.


The happy couple decided to adopt a baby, hiring Alexis Davis as their adoption lawyer. Brad and Lucas had trouble getting couples to choose them as parents, however, due to their crime family connections.

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Brad Cooper helped Spencer Cassadine visit his former almost stepmother Britt while she was in the hospital.


Britt’s mother, Dr. Liesl Obrecht, is Brad’s frenemy, sometimes serving as a partner in crime and other times as a blackmailer.


Brad altered blood test results on behalf of Dr. Obrecht to claim Sasha Gilmore was Nina Reeves’ biological daughter.


Brad’s attempt at reforming into a happily married family man was tested after his newly adopted son Wiley Cooper-Jones died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and he switched newborns with his frenemy Nelle Benson’s son Jonah Corinthos.


Brad Cooper continues to keep Wiley’s true parentage a secret, but made the baby’s biological father Michael Quartermaine Corinthos his godfather.

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Brad took parenting classes from cult leader Shiloh Archer’s organization, Dawn of Day.


After overhearing Dr. Obrecht talking drunkenly about Wiley’s parentage, Brad attempted to kill her on the Haunted Star during Elizabeth Webber and Franco Baldwin’s wedding reception by pushing her off the ship.


In December 2019, Brad Cooper confessed the baby swap secret to husband Lucas right before their car crashed.