Kirsten Storms from General Hospital
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

General Hospital star injures herself having some Summer fun. is sending well wishes to General Hospital’s Kirsten Storms (Port Charles’ Maxie Jones), who recently injured herself when she went down a Slip ‘n Slide that was accidentally placed over a yard sprinkler. She wrote on Instagram, “Always a good idea to make sure there are no sprinkler heads underneath the Slip and Slide before takeoff. NBD – no broken bones, just a very swollen and partially black hand. @emmerylan has already seen me try to knit like this…it wasn’t cute and was excruciatingly slow (ok ok and also painful). To all the #summerknitalongwithemandk people – I’m down, but not out!! You haven’t seen the last of my Downtown Cardigan. Side note: I wish I had a picture of the Orthopedic doctor’s face after he told me not to be using my left hand and I very seriously asked him if that also meant no knitting. It was Instagram worthy.”

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Storms isn’t the first of her castmates to injure herself due to an accident. Recently General Hospital’s Leslie Charleson, who plays the soap opera hospital’s chief of staff, Monica Quartermaine, fractured her hand while saving her pet tortoise who was sliding down a hill. Storms’ best friend on and off set Emme Rylan fractured her foot chasing her kids last year. Rylan plays Lulu Spencer Falconeri on the ABC soap. It is unknown if Storms’ injury will be addressed on screen, or if it is minor enough that some well-worn and trendy cardigans of Maxie’s can simply cover her hand. hopes Storms recovers quickly.