Laura Wright breaks foot General Hospital
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

General Hospital actress is unable to walk.

General Hospital actress Laura Wright, who plays Carly Corinthos on the ABC soap opera, is healing from injuries related to a fall. has the Instagram post in which Wright shared news of a mishap involving a set of stairs, along with a photo of herself using a KneeRover to get around with boyfriend Wes Ramsey (Peter August) beside her. She posted, “Yep I fell down the stairs over a week ago and broke my foot…. can’t walk for 6 weeks😫 I get to wear this sexy black cast for 4 and @wes_ramsey is a saint!!!! Thank you baby for taking care of me !!!!!! #cantkeepmedown #wecandohardthings #scooterfun #stillsmiling oh and I love my @kneerover.”

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The actress thanked her boyfriend and General Hospital co-star, Ramsey, for helping to take care of her while she’s unable to walk – a totally different kind of support from the type she provided while attending the premiere screening of Ramsey’s film, Perception last month.

For those wondering, a KneeRover is a scooter that you kneel on with the injured leg so as to continue getting around without putting weight on the broken foot, ankle et al. It’s speedier than crutches and even comes in an all-terrain version. After Wright’s cast comes off it’s likely she’ll move to crutches and be allowed to put partial weight on the foot for the remaining two weeks of her healing time. With Wright’s mobility issues, the show could potentially write in an injury for the actress’ alter-ego, Carly, or perhaps she’ll just be stationary in scenes. Either way, viewers may notice something different with the General Hospital character in the coming weeks, as we did when Kin Shriner was recovering from foot surgery. wishes Laura Wright a speedy and uncomplicated recovery from her injury!