Kin Shriner from General Hospital
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

General Hospital actor dealing with foot injury. wishes General Hospital’s Kin Shriner a speedy recover after injuring his foot and undergoing surgery. In the June 25 episode his character Scott Baldwin was shown getting around with the aid of a leg scooter. After the episode aired he joked on Twitter, “Color TV #OnThisDay debuted 68 years ago today. I was lucky to be on @GeneralHospital today. Scotty on scooter and all to celebrate anniversary !!” When asked he revealed on Twitter that he injured his foot in a boating accident and also explained, “Had 4 hour foot surgery 2 weeks prior. But the show must go on @GeneralHospital !!!” In another post with a photo of him on his leg scooter next to James Bond actor Daniel Craig he joked, “Q not giving James Bond high tech injured foot gadget. Scott Baldwin @GeneralHospital has smoke screen, high speed, rear jets !!!!” Q is the technology guru in the Bond films that supplies James Bond with all his fancy gadgets.

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It’s unknown how long ago Shriner injured his foot. The first photo of him on his scooter is from June 12, and on June 20 he posted a photo showcasing a reunion with several General Hospital actors, including Stuart Damon (Alan Quartermaine). As the show tapes about a month in advance, the injury likely occurred sometime in May or earlier. Shriner is not the first actor to injure himself, though some actor’s injuries never made it onto the screen. Former Port Charles Detective Nathan West, Ryan Paevey shattered his wrist in a bike accident, but it occurred during a three week filming hiatus. Likewise, Emme Rylan broke her nose playing with her kids, but it too was during a dark period so her character Lulu Falconeri was never shown to be injured. hopes Shriner makes a quick and full recovery from his surgery.