Emme Rylan as Lulu Falconers on General Hospital
Credit: Image: Craig Sjodin/ABC

Soap opera actress on working with General Hospital’s Geary, Elliot and Francis.

Recently Soaps.com readers and viewers of General Hospital have shared the heartbreak of Lulu Falconeri, who not only was attacked by serial killer Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) but saw her husband Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) return to Port Charles after months only to then exit again. Emme Rylan  spoke to Soap Opera Digest about landing the role of Lulu and how things have changed for her character. She was familiar with the history of Lulu Spencer and admits the chance to play Luke and Laura’s daughter was one of the main reasons she took role, along with the fact that, “On her own, Lulu is such a badass.”

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Reflecting on her first years on the ABC soap opera and working with Tony Geary (Luke Spencer) she noted of the legend, “From day one, he was wonderful. He was never not wonderful. It was really fun. I’m so grateful to have had the chance to play his daughter. It was amazing.” She also had the chance to work closely with Jane Elliot (Tracy Quartermaine) who she felt was phenomenal and became a close friend. “I could not stop crying on her good-bye scenes. Half acting, half just me crying ’cause Jane was leaving.” As for Genie Francis who plays her mother Laura Webber, she recalls when she worked with Francis on The Young and the Restless where Francis was playing Genevieve Atkinson and Rylan was Abby Newman. “It was fun because my character, like, didn’t like her, so we would kind of fight with each other. We were sitting at the restaurant on Y&R and we had this moment. It was a really fun scene with really funny banter and she was like, ‘I want you to play my daughter. You should be playing my daughter!'” After being cast on General Hospital she recalls when she reunited with Francis. “We were so excited when we saw each other. We were already having a love-fest over each other before I even came to GH.”

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As for Zamprogna’s exit as Dante and how that will affect Lulu’s storyline, she admits she wasn’t concerned. “I have faith that everything is going to work out the way it’s supposed to work out. [I can’t] put words in Dominic’s mouth, but like, we just wanted [a] story, you know? It’s hard to be a happy couple on a soap, not that we don’t want to play Dante and Lulu’s love. We agree with all the Dante/Lulu fans, like, we want the couple together, but sometimes it can really hinder storyline opportunities when you’re just happy, ‘ cause there’s not much drama in that. So not having a husband around, I kind of become a character that’s open to having all different experiences, not just being a wife. I’ve loved all the stuff they’ve finally been throwing at me. I loved getting stabbed! I was so excited.” Rylan signed a new General Hospital contract and said of the decision, “All I want is to be able to act every day. I just want to get to be creative and this job allows me to do that. And also, the dark weeks allow me time with my children and time do all my other art. I love it.”