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General Hospital actor shares what is next for him in Hollywood. reported that Matt Cohen has decided to exit General Hospital and the character of Dr. Griffin Munro. His exit from the ABC soap opera is an amicable one and is being written to allow him to return in the future. In a recent interview with TV Insider Cohen explained his decision to leave General Hospital. “I did three years at the show. It was a great time and I had great fun playing the character, but I’m a guy who gets uncomfortable when he gets comfortable. I need to give Griffin a little rest right now. There’s always the chance I’ll come back. I have a real family over there with the actors and especially the crew that keeps that show afloat.” Cohen’s character ran the gamut from being a secret priest who had an affair with one of his parishioners, a doctor, the long-lost son of fan favorite Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan), and was involved in a romantic triangle with mother and daughter Ava and Kiki Jerome (Maura West and Hayley Erin). Of his stories, he said, “I wasn’t bored with the writing or the storyline, but I’m bored if I don’t have an extreme challenge in front of me. My next big challenge is about directing a feature film. I have to embark on that. Maybe I’ll pop into GH every once in a while? That’ll be up to Frank [Valentini] and the writers as to what we do.”

Cohen recently directed Mama Bear, a short film starring his wife Mandy Musgrave (Chelsea Brady, Days of our Lives). The film is a concept to show what he could do in turning it into a feature film. He says of the short and its future, “It runs about 13 minutes and we’re shopping it around. We have several interested buyers. We’re winning awards at the film festivals. It’s won best director twice, best picture twice, best actress, and original score. I have stayed true to a vision and a passion. People told me I can’t direct. I said, ‘Well, I’ve studied and followed directors.’ I felt I was ready and I think it came out great.” The film is narrated by and also stars former General Hospital cast member Jeffrey Vincent Parise (Carlos and Joe Rivera).

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When asked if he’d consider returning to Supernatural as a young John Winchester the actor revealed, “Yes. I can’t tell you for sure. They may not know yet. But there’s always that opportunity. When it fits into the story, I’ll have time to figure out how to schedule it. Both Supernatural and GH are like a family. If I ever lost everything, I’d be crawling back to both doors asking if I could come back.” To the fans he had some parting words. “Thank you for watching and for your support. And thanks to the critics, too. They make us better and help us grow. I’ll be back either as a premonition, a return, in a dream, or a flashback. Who knows? But I will touch my feet on the GH set again. There’s too much love there for that not to happen. All gratitude towards the fans.”