Credit: Image: ABC

Willow continues trying to run away from her past.

When Willow first came on the Port Charles scene last fall as a teacher at Aiden and Charlotte’s school, it wasn’t clear what her story would be and where her backstory could take her on General Hospital. Since then, she’s gotten two love interests, is dating one of them in Officer Chase, sparred with Nina, befriended Liz and most consequentially, been revealed as the biological mother of the baby Brad and Lucas were supposed to adopt and that got swapped with Michael’s newborn son. Now the young woman has been exposed—to viewers, anyway—as a former follower of cult leader Shiloh. With her story heating up, what’s next? As already previewed, Willow Tait has a busy week of emotions, from panic to being startled and making a confession

If Willow is on the run from Shiloh, his henchwoman Harmony, and Dawn of Day, she didn’t go very far since they have been ensconced in Port Charles and Beecher’s Corners for at least as long as she’s been teaching in town. Is she living under an alias, hiding in plain sight? Whatever the case, maybe she will spot Shiloh out and about and that will have her panicking. And if Shiloh spots her, that would definitely count as a startling encounter that leads to her confessing more of her history to someone she trusts, maybe Chase or Michael? Or perhaps Michael will confide in her about his sister Kristina’s involvement in a shady group led by a creepy guy and that will set off Willow’s alarm bells. Or Chase will spot her cult tattoo during a makeout session and she has to ‘fess up. It’s a good thing her boyfriend is one of the only capable detectives in town and a good guy at that.

Or maybe what has Willow’s nerves rattled has to do with the boy she thinks is her son, or the classroom drama between Aiden, Charlotte and their respective parental figures, including maybe-bio-mom Nina. Spoilers say Liz will reach out to Willow about something, so perhaps she will end up confessing some of her own experiences dealing with peer pressure to Liz.

Whatever happens, it seems Willow is running out of road to run away from her past on and she’s on a collision course with a lot of different storylines on canvas. Which makes for fascinating drama and a promising character! While we wait to see how it unfolds, tell us your thoughts and predictions about what’s next for Willow in the comments below, and find out what else is coming up next week and beyond in the latest General Hospital spoilers.