Blind kevin in ferncliff general hospital
Credit: Image: ABC

Who will be first on Kevin’s apology tour?

Seven months, five stabbing victims and a growing list of emotional casualties later, the truth is finally out about Ryan Chamberlain being alive, being the serial killer, and impersonating his identical twin brother Kevin on General Hospital. But while Kevin is no longer a hostage, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have challenges ahead. As already previewed, Kevin has several angry women in his life who are not too thrilled with the mild-mannered psychiatrist right now.

With Kevin recuperating from surgery to restore his eyesight after Dr. Cabot’s experimental latent virus activated in the test patients, he may get a brief reprieve, but that won’t last long. After all, Laura is now clued in via Jason that he not only knew his evil twin was alive, but was keeping him locked up in town, at Ferncliff. As his wife, she’ll be furious that he didn’t confide in her, while as the mayor, she’ll be concerned about how he put public safety at risk, and as mother to one of Ryan’s victims, she’ll be incensed that her daughter could have paid the price for his silence.

Then there’s Felicia, who survived Ryan once 25 years ago and had no idea that she was a potential target again thanks to her good friend’s unwillingness to warn anyone beforehand. Spoilers indicate she has a hard time forgetting the past, so which shrink could she turn to when Kevin contributed to her newly revisited trauma? Alexis’ new psychiatrist, Dr. Neil, might need to open his schedule to new patients.

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And let’s not forget Ava, who thought she was intimately involved with Kevin, but who she never really knew at all. While he didn’t mean to betray a woman he barely knows, Kevin might be the only person she can blame if Ryan doesn’t survive his fall into the Niagara River (which, let’s be honest, he probably did). Ava is said to get drunk and head to the hospital, where she bumps into Kevin. What will she do when faced with the face of the man who she thought loved her, but who actually murdered her daughter?

Could any amount of groveling make up for the pain Kevin unleashed on his loved ones, friends and neighbors? What sort of apology could Kevin possibly give to begin restoring trust and repairing relationships? And when Ryan inevitably makes another return from the dead, what tricks up his sleeve might he still have?

While we wait to see how it unfolds, tell us your thoughts and predictions about Kevin’s journey going forward in the comments below, and find out what else is coming up next week and beyond in the latest General Hospital spoilers.