jason with gun goes looking for shiloh

Image: ABC

Jason’s invincibility is put to the test yet again on General Hospital, but how?

It’s been just over a year since Jason came back from the dead on General Hospital—again—and he’s had no shortage of death-defying moments to show off his heroism since. But as Soaps.com already previewed, the next couple of weeks put the loyal hitman to the test, leaving Jason alternately troubled, seeking out Julian and desperate to find Carly.

Fresh off a tumble down a winding staircase while tracking Sam, Jason is newly blind and possibly gained another bout of head trauma in the process. But he won’t stay in the dark for long, as Dr. Finn will surely perform the surgery to restore his eyesight and spoilers indicate Jason has a busy schedule ahead.

So what could have Jason worried? Might he actually be worried about his twin, Drew, whose eyesight was also affected due to them being experimented on? Or does this have to do with Sam’s sting operation on the wellness cult Kristina’s gotten caught up in? Is that why he will seek out Julian despite their animosity? Maybe Julian has info on Sam or even Kristina. Then again, with Carly confiding in her bestie about her surprise pregnancy, perhaps Jason’s worry has more to do with her health. Josslyn’s plans for an unapproved road trip could also lead to unexpected problems, so Jason might be seeking out Carly to help with her teenage daughter.

Whatever the case, it is fascinating to think of Jason being troubled with a bunch of emotions as those haven’t been his strong suit over the years. Equally intriguing is the idea that he could be “too late” to save a damsel in distress!

While we wait to see how it unfolds, tell us your prediction of what new obstacle Jason faces in the comments below, and find out what else is coming up next week and beyond in the latest General Hospital spoilers.