New GH opener
Credit: Image: ABC, Scott Kirkland/Shutterstock

The latest auditions and roles cast on General Hospital.

General Hospital often casts, or has cast actors, in smaller roles including extras (atmosphere) on the ABC soap. Some roles are for one day, while others are recurring.

Turkish arms dealer

Noshir Dalal returns to General Hospital on March 15. He originated the role in December 2015 and last appeared in February 2016. Prior to that, he played Brain on Days of our Lives in 2009.

Sonny’s Helper

Ashton Arbab joined General Hospital on March 12 as Dev, a homeless teen in Turkey who agreed to help Sonny find Dante.

Homeless Teen

Breana Raquel played Bridget, a homeless teen in the March 5 episode, who Kristina brought to the Dawn of Day house

Turkish Poker Player

Amir Khalighi was one of the Turkish poker players that Sonny tangled with on March 4.

Ferncliff Nurse

Cyd Strittmatter has been playing Nurse Kay at Ferncliff, who took over for Nurse Mary Pat Ingles. 

Dr. Cabot of the DBX

Time Winters played Dr. Cabot, the DBX doctor who experimented on Anna and Alex with memory transfers, and created the virus that caused various twin characters to go suddenly blind. Though he’s departed General Hospital, after being sent to Steinbauer, it’s possible he will be seen again.

New girl in town

Brooke Burgstahler has been cast on GH as Zoey, someone who will cross paths with two men in Port Charles. Burgstahler has had small roles in the TV shows Black-ish and Or Die Trying.

Joss’ friend Trina

Sydney Mikayla joins GH as Joss’ troublemaker friend Trina. The role was previously played by Tiana Le for three episodes in 2017 and 2018. Mikayla has appeared in shows such as School of Rock and Fuller House.

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