brad and lucas hold their baby
Credit: Image: ABC

Does Nelle have a new trick up her sleeve?

Ever since Brad and Nelle swapped babies that fateful night months ago, the scheming new mother promised the grieving lab tech that she would never divulge their secret. But as already previewed, Nelle sends a message to Michael this week.

If you’ll recall, the last time Nelle and Michael spoke was at the courthouse, where she taunted that she had a surprise for him—only to say it was that she would plead guilty instead of fighting the many criminal charges against her. Since then, she has popped up at Ferncliff faking a psychotic break and then again in the Pentonville visitors room, where she was blackmailed into confessing all to Dr. Obrecht.

So what could she have to say now? After all, Brad has kept up his end of the bargain, even enlisting Julian to help prevent Willow from taking back the son she thinks is hers. Now that Willow is friends with Michael, though, could she snap and kidnap Wiley? Or will the baby’s inherited heart condition return and the truth come out that way? Perhaps someone will finally overhear one of Julian and Brad’s many whispered conversations. Or, now that Dr. O’s casual mention of meeting Nelle briefly has set off Jason’s spidey senses, he will figure out the truth.

Whatever the case, it is wonderful to see more Brucas—aka Brad and Lucas—being integrated into the Port Charles social fabric, like with Aiden’s bullying storyline and role modeling what a strong same-sex couple and family unit looks like. Not only does it give the fantastic actors meaty material, but it helps viewers invest in the characters ahead of the inevitable explosive reveal. Brad isn’t a cookie cutter villain, after all, and it would be nice to see actor Parry Shen sink his teeth into a redemption attempt and arc, rather than him just fading into the background.

Hopefully, with more air-time for Brad, baby Wiley’s paternity won’t stay secret for years like his dad Michael’s did!

While we wait to see how it unfolds, tell us your prediction of how Brad’s baby swap secret will be exposed in the comments below, and find out what else is coming up next week and beyond in the latest General Hospital spoilers.