New GH opener
Credit: Image: ABC, Scott Kirkland/Shutterstock

ABC unveils a new opening for its soap opera.

Various viewers and many on social media were surprised when General Hospital revealed new opening credits on today’s episode. The former opening featured slow-moving shots of select characters and couples from the show over the dark backdrop of Port Charles. The new one is brighter and much quicker, flipping through the show’s cast at a dizzying pace before ending on a bright and golden title, still laid over the backdrop of Port Charles. ABC Current Series Executive Nathan Varni revealed on Twitter that the opening will change from episode to episode. Still, many critiqued it for looking cheap and moving too fast. Others, however, we’re excited to see many of the cast members featured in the new sequence, some such as Kin Shriner (Scott Baldwin) who hasn’t been in the credits in years. Let know what you thought of the credits in the comments.