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General Hospital actor raising funds for new project. has learned that General Hospital’s Matt Cohen (Port Charles’ Griffin Munroe) is raising funds through Indiegogo to direct the short film Mama Bear. The film is described as a gritty, high-octane, “proof of concept” action-short. The actor spoke with Nerds and Beyond about the film which stars his wife Mandy Musgrave, who played Chelsea Brady on Days of our Lives. Cohen and Musgrave met when they both starred in the television show South of Nowhere. Mama Bear was written by Lee Ehlers and tells the tale of a woman who has 24 hours to save her four year old and find him a liver transplant, and the only viable donor is her boyfriend who is a drug lord and all around awful guy. Cohen describes the title character as, “the female Punisher in a sense.”

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Cohen is planning to film the short over four days and aims to wrap production in mid-November. The Indiegogo campaign has already raised over $7000 and still has a month left to get to its goal of $100,000. The film came about as a result of his discussions with GH fans at various events. “I’ve sat in many meet and greets, talked about directing, and fans have looked at me and gone, ‘okay, so go and do it. When are you going to do it?’ Now. I’m gonna do it right now.” Cohen intends to keep the campaign open through production and plans to provide video diaries which will show backers and fans the entire process of the project from start to finish. He hopes the short will encourage backers from the film industry to fund a full feature length film based on the short. He explains that he’s sick of seeing reboots, sequels and the same films over and over again and is ready to do something about it.

Mama Bear will be the action comedy that finally delivers the entertainment that audiences so desperately deserve according to its Indiegogo page. Mama Bear features many actors Musgrave and Cohen have previously worked with on shows such as Rob Benedict from Kings of Con and Richard Speight, Jr., Briana Buckmaster, Jim Beaver, and Adam Fergus, all of whom appeared on Supernatural. Also cast in the film are Kim Rhodes (Cynthia Harrison on Another World) and Jason Manns (Rock Slyde).