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Steve Burton is back in black, or is he?

Updated September 19: Entertainment Weekly shared an exclusive video sneak peek of Steve Burton’s first “General Hospital” return scene. Last Friday, in’s GH recap, Ava snuck into a room at the St. Petersburg clinic and saw Patient Six. Though many were speculating that the patient was Nik Cassadine it appears it’s Burton’s character. But wait… Could “Patient Six” in fact be Nik with a new face? Watch the video for a look at Burton’s first return scene:

On September 15 learned that Steve Burton’s “General Hospital” return would be long-term. The actor told Soap Digest, “The emotional attachment I have to the show, to the people, to the crew, to everyone there, was obviously a gigantic part of my decision-making. I’m there long-term. This is not stunt casting, for me to be there for a month and leave.”

On September 8 TVLine posted a video (below) of what Steve Burton’s character will look like when he returns to “General Hospital” on Tuesday September 19. readers have been eagerly awaiting more details on Steve Burton’s upcoming return to “General Hospital.” On August 7, Executive Producer Frank Valentini spoke with TVLine and promised the arrival of someone who looks like the old Jason, pre-facial surgery, will definitely shake things up in Port Charles. “Jason’s life affects, like, 30 people on the show. There is almost nobody who won’t be affected by his return. That whole paradigm – ‘Who’s the real Jason? How will people react to him?’ I find to be very interesting, and it will be fun for the audience.” In response to many different theories out there on what will bring Burton’s character to Port Charles, Valentini stated, “No one has guessed right. They think we’re making it up as we go along, when it’s all been laid out.” How long will Burton be on the show? Valentini went to say that the effects will last, “for probably about nine months, before we settle into the next big thing.”

On July 27 Burton posted one of his all-time favorite photos (below) from his “GH” days with the caption, “One of my favorite shots from the @generalhospitalabc set years ago! Will I play this guy again???? Tune in to see #gh #jasonornot #boom #mustsee.” Though his first air date has not been released, has learned that Billy Miller, who currently plays Jason, will appear in Burton’s upcoming storyline, as confirmed by head writers Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante to Soap Opera Digest.

On June 29, was excited to learn that Steve Burton is returning to General Hospital. Burton played the character of Jason Quartermaine/Jason Morgan off and on from 1991 until 2012, but beginning in 2014 Billy Miller took over the role of Jason Morgan. This has led fans to wonder how Burton will be brought back, and as who. Recently, Jason’s wife Sam has been having delirious episodes where she has felt a danger to her family, had visions of Jason covered in blood, and delusions of Sonny vowing to take Jason away from her. Many fans believe Burton may only appear as part of Sam’s visions. Others believe the show may bring Burton back and introduce a mystery as to who is the real Jason Morgan. In promising to get out of the mob, Sonny and Carly discussed his options, one being finding a successor to take over Sonny’s business. Sonny noted that the old Jason would have been perfect and done it in a heartbeat, but Jason has changed and almost is an entirely different person now. Given the character’s history with alternate identities and amnesia, a two-Jason storyline could work. Take a look back and refresh your memory regarding some of Jason’s history and his bouts with amnesia and brain injuries.

Jason’s first brain injury.
Jason Quartermaine was the son of Alan Quartermaine and his mistress Susan Moore, but was raised by Alan’s wife Monica. He grew up in the lap of luxury of the Quartermaine house, and was the favored son. Jason was rich, a popular athlete, and a preppy. Jason-brain-injury-GH-PS In 1995 he was involved in a car accident caused by his brother A.J., who was drunk at the time, which left him with brain damage and total amnesia. Jason cut himself off from most of his family, except for his sister Emily and his grandmother Lila, and took Lila’s maiden name Morgan for his own surname. He became an enforcer for Sonny Corinthos and rose to be his right hand man, which put him in many dangerous situations over the years.

Jason faces another bout of amnesia and a deadly aneurysm.
Jason soon befriended Carly Benson, who became pregnant with A.J.’s child. He agreed to pose as the baby’s father to help Carly, and soon Michael was born. Sam-Jason-Bike-GH-HWWhile A.J. eventually learned the truth, Carly, who later married Sonny Corinthos, raised Michael as Sonny’s son. Jason served as a second father to the boy. Later, Sonny began having an affair with Sam McCall, and she became pregnant. In an interesting turn of events, Jason pretended to be the father of Sam’s baby so that Carly wouldn’t learn the truth about Sonny’s infidelity. When Sam’s child was stillborn, Jason helped her deal with the loss and the two fell in love. However, Jason’s dangerous life as a mob enforcer caused him to once again deal with a bout of amnesia. In spite of losing his memory, he fell in love with Sam again. Sam and Robin eventually convinced him to take an experimental drug to regain his memory. While it worked, the drug left him with a brain aneurysm that would kill him in due time. Jason accepted this and planned to live his last days out with Sam in Hawaii. However, Robin Scorpio and Patrick Drake were able to operate on him and save his life.

Jason’s death.
Sam’s mother Alexis disapproved of Jason and Sam’s relationship and guilted Jason into leaving her after she was almost killed due to Jason’s work. Sam turned to Ric Lansing for comfort, while Jason turned to Liz Webber. Liz-Jason-hospital-GH-HW Jason and Liz had sex and later Liz gave birth to their son Jake. Things didn’t last between them, and Liz returned to her ex Lucky Spencer. When Jason’s father Alan had a heart attack and died during a hostage crises at the Metro Court, Jason began to realize he spent too many years distant from his family and began to forge a relationship with Monica and his grandfather Edward Quartermaine. Meanwhile, Jason’s relationship with Sonny went through several rough patches, with Jason even taking over Sonny’s business for a time being. However, when Michael and Kristina ran away together to Mexico, Jason and Sam went after them and the two rekindled their relationship. They would go on to have a son, Daniel Edward Morgan, named in part after Jason’s grandfather. Their happiness was not to last though, as Jason was shot by Cesar Faison on the docks, kicked into the river, and his body was never recovered.

Jason returns from the dead, with amnesia again and a new face.
Two years after Jason was presumed dead, Victor Cassadine had kidnapped Robin, to who he revealed that Jason was alive, but on cryogenically frozen. Helena Cassadine had made a deal with Caesar Faison and took possession of Jason’s body after Caesar shot him. Victor and Helena wanted Robin to find a way to save Jason, which could then be used to bring Stavros Cassadine back to life. Liz-Jason-Jake-GH-HW Robin succeeded in bringing Jason back, and she and Jason fled Victor’s compound, but were pursued by Helena and her men. Another car accident left Jason disfigured and needing plastic surgery. When he awoke with a reconstructed face he had no memory, but found himself drawn to Liz and the name Jake. He took the name Jake Doe, and he and Liz began a friendship that turned into a romance. However Liz’s jealous ex-husband Ric Lansing hired a con-woman named Hayden Barnes to pose as Jake’s wife, though their scheme was eventually exposed. When Liz learned from Nikolas Cassadine who Jake really was, she chose to keep his identity a secret out of fear of losing him again to Sam. Later, Jason’s friends Carly and Damian Spinelli figured out his true identity and revealed it, and Nikolas and Liz were busted for keeping the secret for their own benefit.

Jason discovers he has missing years.
Jason found his true identity, but struggled to reclaim his memories with Sam. He eventually did, but Helena reared her ugly head again to cause problems. Jason and Liz learned their son Jake, who they believed had died in a drunk driving accident caused by Luke Spencer, was alive and had been living with Helena on Cassadine Island. Sam-Jason-illness-GH-CDFor the sake of their son the two worked together and reforged their friendship, though it took Sam much longer to forgive Liz. Recently though, Liz and Jason learned Helena had brainwashed Jake while he was on Cassadine Island to unleash a deadly nerve toxin, and that Helena had also brainwashed and used Jason as a soldier. This revelation indicated that Jason was not always in a cryogenic chamber as he was reintroduced to Robin. Viewers have been left wondering what Jason did those two years he was under Helena’s control, and what happened to him that Robin had to bring him back to life.

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