Outdoor locations brighten up daytime.

“General Hospital” has been using a new set location for over a year now, the California landscape right outside their Los Angeles studio. Savvy Soaps.com readers have noticed on occasion that the sunny outdoor California environment doesn’t always match upstate New York where Port Charles is set, but enjoying soap operas often requires suspending logic. The outdoor location is usually used in the spring and summer to match the weather in New York at the same time of year. Recently we’ve seen Nelle and Michael run into one another at the park while taking care of Avery and Charlotte. Anna and Valentin met up in the park where both were jogging, though Valentin had no idea that Anna was actually her twin Alex at the time. Liz took her boys to the park for a picnic, where Jason and Franco shook hands. In previous years the outdoor location has been used for serious talks, such as Lulu and Dante working on their marriage after Dante’s affair with Valerie.

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“General Hospital” recently posted some new behind the scenes photos of their latest outdoor shoot on social media. In the photos James Patrick Stuart (Valentin Cassadine) was taping scenes with Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis). Valentin was carted off by the WSB, but not before Alex escaped their custody and gave him a way out of his legal issues. The latest pictures would suggest that Valentin returns to Port Charles and may be seeking his half-sister Alexis’ legal services.

Keep watching “GH” for more outdoor location shoots featuring your favorite characters, and view some of them that the show has shared on social media.

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Photo credit: ABC

– Dustin Cushman