Left scratching your head or shocked and amazed?

As the new soapy year begins, Soaps.com pauses to reflect back on a few of the “General Hospital” storylines and characters that made us ponder ‘what the hell?’ or had us celebrating and asking for more.

WTH? Most questionable story plots

Episode # 13650Paul as the General Hospital killer: One of the year’s most shocking moments was the realization that Paul Hornsby was the hospital killer. It wasn’t that any believed he wasn’t capable of murder given his crime-ridden past, it was just that most questioned the sense of it. Sure, he had motive to off the health professionals responsible for his daughter Susan being institutionalized. However, everything Paul did up until he turned into a raving maniac who tried to kill his ex-wife, Tracy Quartermaine, was cool and calculated. Once he strayed outside the respectable norm of Port Charles crime, it turned into a real scratch your head, maybe even pull your hair out, moment when GH was closed for everyone’s safety. Viewers held their breath until it reopened, probably thankful there was only one major character casualty when Sabrina Santiago was murdered.

Episode # 13512Nik living up to the Cassadine name: Nikolas Cassadine turned a new leaf in 2016 that gave viewers as much pause as all of Nikolas’ family and friends that ventured over to Wyndemere on Spoon Island. It was easy to question who the evil look-a-like was and ponder what he may have done with Prince Nikolas. There was no love lost between Nikolas and his late grandmother Helena Cassadine, enough so that the question remained of whether he had something to do with her death. Of course, it wasn’t a pressing issue after Nikolas faked his death to run away from his wife with her stolen diamonds. Lying, cheating, stealing, maybe even murder…more so the qualities of a true Cassadine than the man who Emily Quartermaine once loved.

Valerie-Drives-Johnny-GH-ABCLulu working with Johnny to get rid of Valerie: Stop the presses. This was the biggest WTH moment, Lulu Falconeri going loco over cousin Valerie Spencer, enough to join forces with Johnny Zacchara who was only too eager to help after leaving Pentonville. It was so over-the-top for Lulu, okay, maybe not, the girl has quite the rap sheet. It was just hard to stomach. Viewers probably thought they heard her wrong when she asked Johnny to ‘get rid’ of Valerie. Nice guy, he took the rap for Lulu after Valerie escaped death and the two girls buried the hatchet, so to speak.

Hell Yeah! Most amazing moments

Dukes-son-Griffin-and-Anna-GH-ABCDuke has a son: With consideration to the waning number of legacy characters, it became exciting to wonder who the mysterious Dr. Griffin Monroe was who followed Anna Devane around. After fervent speculation that he was Anna’s offspring, much like the current rumor that Valentin Cassadine might be Robin Scorpio Drake’s father, it was disclosed that he was Duke Lavery’s son with another woman. It was a nice twist of fate that he was Duke’s and not Anna’s child, thus avoiding an unnecessary convoluted rewritten past. The story held up sweetly and Anna embraced the magical moment of Duke’s legacy to Port Charles.

kevin-loves-laura-GH-ABCLaura puts down roots and finds love: One of the most amazing moments last year was legacy character Laura Spencer firmly planting herself amidst her family and friends as if to shout, “I am here!” We heard her roar after shedding her past with Luke Spencer and Scott Baldwin, a welcoming play to most viewers who were tired of the same-old, same-old. With her slate wiped clean, she found love with Dr. Kevin Collins and celebrated her new position on the hospital board after GH reopened.

Episode # 13512Jason gifts ELQ to the Quartermaines: It was hard to not have a sweet spot for the newly returned and struggling Jason Morgan as he reacquainted himself with his former life. Despite the struggles of fighting his way back from all the Cassadines took from him, Helena his memory and Nikolas, ELQ, Jason would come into his own better for it. Nothing seemed more touching than when Jason acquired ELQ and promptly righted Nikolas’ wrong by turning it back over to Michael Corinthos. Viewers could agree with Tracy, Edward Quartermaine would be smiling at Jason now.

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What were some WTH or amazing moments in Port Charles for you last year? Tell us in the comments below!

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– Violette DeSantis