Julian and Alexis: The couple who gave new meaning to the Shakespearean saying, “The course of true love never did run smooth!”

Supercouples are a staple on soaps. Soaps.com loves a great daytime pair. However, not many supercouples can boast an army of supporters like Julian Jerome and Alexis Davis (Julexis) on “General Hospital.” And this group of fans is everything a standard army is: numerous, passionate, and most active when the entity they defend is threatened.

As Julexis faces their toughest test yet – Alexis testifying against Julian in court with information that could send him to prison for life – the Julexis Army has been more active on social media than ever.

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When Julian first came back to Port Charles, Alexis discovered that he was the man whom she had a one-night stand with as a teenager, which led to the birth of her beloved daughter Samantha. The two hit it off again after all those years. They had an unmatched chemistry, both in and out of the bedroom.

The Julexis Army gained many recruits as this couple found their way back together. Their story proved to fans that soul mates always find their way to each other. Coming from diametrically opposed backgrounds – the law and organized crime – they gave viewers hope that love wins over workaday concerns, such as differences in occupation. Finally, the two showed that, even later in life, experiencing true love is always possible.

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Alexis, despite her respect for the judicial system, overlooked Julian’s dirty mobster deeds, particularly his murder of Duke Lavery. She even agreed to marry him. They united in a ceremony marred by the intrusion of gun-toting Mafiosi associated with an arms deal moving through town. That incident was a bad omen predicting rocky times ahead for them.

When his ex-associate, Carlos Rivera, came back to town, Julian stabbed him. As the old saying goes, “Dead men tell no tales.” When Alexis figured out this crime, she couldn’t bear it. She threatened to turn him in. Julian nearly cut her throat to keep her quiet. To some, it looked as though Julian tried to pin Carlos’ murder on Alexis, when he didn’t wipe Alexis’ dagger clean, but eventually the PCPD arrested him for that crime, the attempted murder of Alexis, and conspiracy to keep all these crimes mum.

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As Alexis preps to testify against Julian in court, the #JulexisArmy has been Tweeting even more furiously than ever before. These fervent fans aren’t standing down from supporting their favorite “GH” pairing. Their tweets from last week were impassioned, heartfelt, and sometimes downright lyrical. Who can blame these fans for their devotion? Soap couples have come back from worse. Who knows what the future holds for Julexis!

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– Akbi Khan