Sabrina Santiago’s shocking murder and exit from Port Charles.

Teresa Castillo said a big goodbye to “General Hospital” this week and the character she’s played since September 2012, Sabrina Santiago. Interestingly enough, Castillo originally auditioned for the role of Delores Padilla, which went to Rebecca Montoya. However she impressed the show so much that they brought her back to test for another character. During both of her auditions she screen-tested with Jason Thompson, who Castillo recently ran into outside of the show. Thompson, who played Dr. Patrick Drake, went on to be one of Sabrina’s love interests on the show.

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During her time on “GH” Sabrina, who hailed from Puerto Rico, fought her feelings for her childhood boyfriend Carlos Rivera. Carlos and Sabrina’s lives had taken very different turns, with Sabrina following in her mother’s footsteps to become a nurse, and Carlos becoming a hitman for the mob. Sabrina was initially introduced as a quirky, shy nurse with black thick-rimmed glasses, a side ponytail, and little style. Over the years she evolved into a more glamorous nurse with the help of her best friend Felix and her love for Dr. Patrick Drake. However Sabrina and Patrick were not meant to be, as their wedding was thwarted when his wife Robin Scorpio returned from the dead. Sabrina losing their child during a car accident served to further tear Patrick and Sabrina apart.

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Sabrina attempted to move on with Michael Corinthos, but her feelings for Carlos kept drawing her in. She helped Carlos flee town after he murdered Duke, and gave birth to his son Teddy, before ultimately returning to Port Charles to reunite with Michael. Unfortunately they too were not meant to be as Sabrina was murdered on September 14 by Paul Hornsby the “GH” serial killer.

Castillo took to Instagram and Twitter to thank her fans and the show for four amazing years.

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– Dustin Cushman