Let’s try to get you dressed.

It’s hard to top the touching moment in 1996 when Jason carried Robin off the stage at the Nurses’ Ball, so Soaps.com takes readers back to where it all began in 1994 for the latest “General Hospital” Throwback Thursday poll, when Lucy Coe got everything ready for the start of the very first Nurses’ Ball – including her outfit.

Lucy made the rounds among the ballroom, looking amazing while making sure the centerpieces were fixed just so and the lighting was soft enough to flatter any woman about to hit the stage, all while trying to keep her cool as everyone called her ma’am. But her façade began to fizzle when Lucy went backstage and realized her assistant Amy Vining had messed up the system she had for her many dresses and shoes for the evening. While Lucy got distracted by what she should wear for the finale Amy thought she should at least choose what she would wear for the opening – and seemed unimpressed when Lucy stated she was already dressed. “It’s… interesting,” Amy said, sending Lucy into a tizzy and her first costume change of the night.

Opting for a red stunner Lucy made small talk with Kevin Collins before the ball began, but was forced to snatch some of her carefully-placed centerpieces to cover up before running off after someone walked in wearing the exact same dress.

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Photo credit: ABC

– Hollie Deese