Since everyone on is buzzing about Milo and his adorable crush on Lulu, why not find out a little more about this new guy on the General Hospital scene? Drew Cheetwood has been hanging around the GH set for a while, not only visiting his big brother Derk (who plays Max) and cousin Tyler (Nikolas), but as a personal trainer! He’s been sculpting the abs, biceps of our favorite Port Charles residents as well as head writer Bob Guza. When Greg Vaughan (Lucky) and Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) couldn’t find time to get to the gym, Drew would simply come to the GH set. While there, he starting hearing that he was being considered to go on camera as Max’s little brother. (Oh how often art imitates life, eh?) As soon as he let it be known that he’d be game, the writer’s started including him in their scripts right away. The younger Cheetwood brother had done a little acting before, for example, a naval officer on Passions and a few short films.

Drew reports that in addition to Guza, Tyler and Greg, he also trains Scott Clifton (Dillon). In fact, Scott is the most diligent of the bunch when it comes to following through with his workout regime. He’s come a long way, physically and mentally, according to his proud trainer. He also helped Natalia Livingston (Emily) to build some muscle a while back.