Elizabeth Taylor as Helena Cassadine

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Special delivery.

Helena Cassadine’s last will and testament was read this week and everyone got their parting gifts from the criminal mastermind, so Soaps.com takes readers back to 1981 for our “General Hospital” Throwback Thursday poll to the very first time Helena (then played by Elizabeth Taylor) passed out gifts in Port Charles, anonymously to Luke and Laura on their wedding day.

As Luke and Laura got ready for their wedding they were each sent a box special delivery. First it was the Webber house, where all the women were getting ready downstairs while Laura and her sister Amy prepped upstairs. Laura’s mom Lesley answered the door for the deliveryman who said he had a package for Mrs. Laura Baldwin. The deliveryman was instructed not to leave until he saw Laura open the package himself but Lesley insisted she would make Laura open it the minute he left and he reluctantly agreed. Lesley was true to her word and helped Laura open the package and deemed it better than ten more butter dishes.

The deliveryman then headed over to see Luke and again insisted the package be opened in his presence. Luke hoped it was better than another candy dish and opened the box too, shocked by what he saw.

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See what happened when Luke met Helena for the first time, right after the wedding:

Last week’s Throwback Thursday poll answer: Monica laughed at Tracy’s outrageous story and decided not to let her off the hook.

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– Hollie Deese