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We’re back with the latest installment of Mary Iannelli’s (Head of Wardrobe for GH) fashion scoop!

Pat G: Where can the necklace Alexis wore on June 5 and 8 be purchased?

A: Alexis’ necklaces are from Nordstrom.

Carol M: Jane Elliott’s (Tracy) red jacket she wore the first week of June is gorgeous. Where did it come from?

A: Tracy’s red Asian print jacket is by Anne Klein.

Carol M: Maxie (Kirsten Storms) wore a beautiful red coat around Christmas time. Where did that come from?

A: Maxie wore a cute red sweater dress from Anthropologie for the Christmas episode.

Elsida D: I really liked the white dress Rebecca wore on Tuesday June 9. Please tell me where I can buy that dress.

A: Rebecca’s dress is by Moda from the Victoria’s Secret catalogue.

Karen T: Where can I purchase the sweater/jacket that Maxie wore with the ruffles in the back?

A: Maxie’s ruffle back sweater is from Arden

Cyndi S and Sinaj L: Maxie wore a teal colored sleeveless blouse with flowers around the neckline made out of the same fabric. Who is the designer?

A: Maxie’s teal blouse is by Roxanne Heptner.

Pranvera G: Who makes the dress Olivia was wearing on the show on June 10? It had a pink ruffle top.

A: Olivia’s dress is by BCBG.

Sharron W: Unsure of the date, but Maxie wore a black/yellow/green sleeveless dress with yellow heels. Can you tell me where I can find it?

A: Maxie’s dress is by BCBG.

Lucile W and Karlene M: Please tell me were to find the top Maxie wore on June 11.

A: Maxie’s top was by Roxanne Heptner.

Mo S: I was wondering who is the designer of Maxie’s dress when she was in the Jackal’s office and overheard the evidence he had on Claudia? It was banded and it was a color block dress. It was yellow green black and beige.

A: Maxie’s dress is by BCBG.

Darlene T and Heather C: Who made Lulu’s star earrings from the June 11 episode and where can I get them?

A: Lulu’s star earrings are by Betsey Johnson.