GH Rundown for the Week of June 22!

I didn’t realize it until I started typing, but I had a lot to say about this week, as my fingers just kept flying over my keyboard and wouldn’t stop! So let’s get right to it…

Shouldn’t Luke’s absence be featured as more of a concern for Ethan and Tracy? After Tracy warned Luke she wouldn’t take him back if he took off after Holly, I would think that’s the conclusion she would jump to and be running around town bad mouthing her philandering husband. Ethan should also be sharing his fears and arguing with Lucky about Luke, while Lulu tries to broker some peace. Helena grabbing Luke is quickly becoming just like the Kate storyline: If they aren’t going to give it it’s due, will anyone care when Anthony Geary (Luke) returns from his latest vacation?

While I was sad to see Ric Lansing and his portrayer Rick Hearst leave this week, I loved the nods they gave to the actor going The Bold and the Beautiful: Ric Lansing is moving to Los Angeles, which is where B&B is based and Ric explained his moving away as, “I got an offer I couldn’t refuse,” which is kind of what the actor has been saying in interviews about him going to the CBS soap. I loved it! His leaving GH comes at a bad time though, as there’s finally all this potential story mounting for Ric: His daughter Molly is being aged, he could be the father of Claudia’s baby and he and Andrea are in cahoots. It’s too bad the show waited until he was leaving to give him something to work with. However, the door is open for him to return, which if B&B doesn’t work out, I hope he does.

I do have to point out I don’t think Ric would just move away like that. I understand they had to write something quick for him to exit and I am so grateful they didn’t kill him off or make him do something irredeemable, but he loves Molly too much and is too interested in Claudia’s baby for him to just up and leave. I was also disappointed there were no goodbye scenes between him and Alexis and him and Sonny.

I am stunned by this week’s poll results regarding Ric leaving. So far 59% of you are happy he’s gone, while just 41% will miss him. I truly thought it would go the other way, so I’d love to hear why some of you are glad to see him go. My only problem with him is that they pitted him against Sonny too much without ever really allowing them to have a more interesting and complex relationship. There was so much they could have done with his character, but Ric always ended up just as the bad guy.