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My local lovely lady in the dark.

In this edition of the Throwback Thursday poll, we take readers back to 1981 when Luke Spencer wanted Laura Webber to date Robert Scorpio…

Valentine’s Day is coming up in Port Charles and Maxie Jones and Nathan West are working to bring Lulu and Dante Falconeri closer together again. Back then, Luke and Laura shared a serious attraction, though she explained to her father, Rick Webber, that Luke was ‘gun shy’ and afraid of being hurt. They were flirting in Kelly’s Diner right around Valentine’s Day when Luke suggested a date. Laura’s eyes lit up, but then Luke told her he wanted her to ask out Robert. Irked, Laura only agreed once Luke explained she was to keep Robert busy while he snooped around a warehouse as part of his investigation involving Benny the Snake. Luke had cooked up the idea of using a social event as a cover to get access to the warehouse. Joe Kelly was also involved, and was bringing Luke’s sister, Bobbie Spencer, as his date.

Before it was all set to go down, Luke showed up at Laura’s apartment and they were involved in a steamy clinch that resulted when he burst through her broken door into her arms. It looked like they might kiss, but Laura instead took him to task for keeping her in the dark about what exactly he would be getting up to at the warehouse. Luke left, but returned after Robert arrived at Laura’s apartment, and insisted they all go together to get Joe and Bobbie, and Luke’s date.

Do you remember who Luke brought as his date?

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Answer to the previous Throwback Thursday poll: Before flirting with Dante, Lulu asked Coleman to organize a karaoke night.

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– Candace Young