Robin stuns in polka dots. (

We’re back with the latest installment of Mary Iannelli’s (Head of Wardrobe for GH) fashion scoop!

Sarah H: Can you tell me who the top Robin wore on May 26th is by and where it was purchased?

A: Robin’s turquoise top was Marc by Marc Jacobs from Macy’s.

Katie L: I was interested to know who designed the dress that Olivia was wearing on May 26th. It was a color block dress, black and white, but on the white part of the dress, there was a black lace overlay.

A: Olivia’s outfit was actually a blouse and a skirt. The blouse was by Guess and the skirt was by BCBG.

Caroline M and Marianne M: I would like to know where to get the blouse that Robin was wearing on May 26. It had polka dots.

A: Robin’s pretty polka dot blouse was by BCBG.

Danielle V: I was hoping to find out who made the heart leggings and top that Robin and Patrick’s baby was wearing on May 27.

A: Baby Emma’s cute heart outfit was from Baby Gap.

Savannah F: Where can I get the black jacket that Tracy wore on April 15. Also, where did you get the off-white short jacket for April 22?

A: Tracy’s black jacket is by Giorgio Armani. Her ivory jacket is also Armani. Both were from Nieman Marcus.

Liz S: Where can the royal blue ruffled t-shirt Robin wore on May 28 be purchased?

A: Robin’s ruffle shirt is Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Tammy G: Where can Rebecca’s blue floral purse from May 27 be purchased?

A: Rebecca wore a nude bag on May 27th it was by Bukowsky. She did have a blue floral cami on by Wacoal with a matching shirt by C&C.

Mo S, Tia K and Jill B: Who designed the color block dress worn by Maxie on May 29? The top is green the skirt is black and it also had a yellow band on the bottom and a beige and white band on the waist.

A: Maxie’s cute color block dress was by BCBG.

Michele S and Beth M: Can you tell me who made the blue short-sleeve sweater that Robin wore on the May 28 & 29 and June 1 episodes and where it can be purchased?