I have this ring…

In this week’s Soaps.com Throwback Thursday poll, we take readers back to 1989 when Robert Scorpio asked Katherine Delafield to marry him…

This week in Port Charles, Nikolas Cassadine proposed to Hayden Barnes, and back then it was Robert who decided to pop the question. Katherine, a famous pianist, was caught up in a case Robert was working on that involved him investigating her cousin and his fiancée for arranging the accidental deaths of Katherine’s family members. Katherine and Robert developed feelings for each other, though they often sparred verbally and stubbornly referred to one another as friends. Robert’s friends and colleagues could see how they truly felt, however, and Sean Donely teased his pal Scorpio and urged him to get Katherine a ring. He did just that, and Anna Devane was there when the box arrived from the jeweler. She figured out that he was going to pop the question and was thrilled.

Katherine was a little conflicted about helping Robert bring down her cousin, but co-operated with the sting set to take place at the high-profile General Hospital Charity Auction. It was in the middle of the chaos following the auction that Robert decided to ask Katherine to marry him. Do you remember the unexpected circumstances they found themselves in when he proposed?

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Throwback Thursday poll answer for last week: Robin compared her mom’s line of work to the hit show “Moonlighting.”

Flash back to when GH’s Robert learned Robin was his daughter and then read more from this decade through the General Hospital episode guide for 1980 – 1989.

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– Candace Young