He’s a murder target.

In this week’s Soaps.com Throwback Thursday poll, we take readers back to 1991 when Anna Devane and Sean Donely started an investigation…

This week in Port Charles, Anna used her private investigator skills to get information from Sabrina Santiago, and back then she had her own P.I. business. When Police Commissioner Robert Scorpio began to get death threats while investigating who had sabotaged the Quartermaine’s ship, the S.S. Tracy, which had caught on fire following an explosion, Anna joined forces with Sean out of concern for Robert’s safety. They enlisted some help from police officer Frisco Jones, who provided them with files on the case, and confided in him that they thought Robert was pursuing the wrong suspect, which put him at great risk if the real culprit was still out there.

Do you remember who Robert’s prime suspect was in the case?

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Answer to the previous Throwback Thursday poll: Robin found out AJ was Michael’s father once she returned from Paris.

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– Candace Young