GH Rundown for the Week of June 15!

This week brought us Nikolas’ choice, Martha Bryne, Coleman and not enough of my favorite new couple!

Nikolas went back and forth all week regarding Rebecca and I found the scene where the two of them talked about their relationship at the casino in front of Ethan very odd. I mean, why would Nikolas, who is an extremely private person, have such a revealing conversation in front of anyone, let alone Ethan, whom he barely knows? To Tyler Christopher’s credit, you could totally feel Nikolas’ discomfort, which made it almost painful to watch.

Of course Nikolas eventually gave himself permission to date Rebecca, and unless I’m totally off base, he intentionally bought Rebecca a dress like the one Emily wore the night she died. I know he said he was celebrating the differences and similarities between the sisters by being with Rebecca, but did he really have to dress her up like his dead ex? Kind of creepy.

I’ll take any excuse to have Coleman show up, but Johnny playing classical music at Jake’s is a bit out of place isn’t it? Doesn’t he know something more fitting for a hole in the wall corner bar? And while I understand they needed to have all the characters at the same place to confront each other and learn new things about Brianna Hughes’ death and that they’ve been to other such shady bars in the past, would classy Diane and Alexis really have an after work drink at a dive like Jake’s instead of the high brow Metro Court bar?

Speaking of Coleman, GH has such a great cast of peripheral characters that aren’t anywhere near the front burner, but who show up once in a while to, more often than not, provide some much needed comic relief. With so many great recurring characters, I wondered who your favorite was.