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In this week’s’s Throwback Thursday poll, we take readers back to 1989 when Frisco Jones went looking for Colton Shore…

This week, Port Charles’ Liz Webber squared off with Sam McCall over Jason Morgan, and back then, Frisco confronted Colton about Felicia Jones. Frisco went looking for Colton and found him on the docks. He threw him up against a wall and the two tussled briefly before having it out verbally. Frisco accused Colton of not adequately protecting Felicia, and Colton reminded Frisco that he was a marked man, who never should have come back to town. They argued until Colton reminded Frisco of the promise he had made to Felicia.

Do you remember what Frisco had promised Felicia?

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Throwback Thursday poll answer for the previous week: Emily was going to get “Quartermaines rule” tattooed on her thigh.

Flash back to when GH’s Frisco and Felicia married, and then read more from this decade through the General Hospital episode guide for 1980 – 1989.

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Photo credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

– Candace Young