You may still be wondering what happened to Father Mateo Ruiz after the Metro Court hostage crisis or if Manny Ruiz is still alive and obsessing over Sam McCall, but you don’t have to wonder where you can next see the brothers’ portrayer, Robert LaSardo, any longer.

The actor stars in the movie “Double Tap,” which is about a detective who finds solace in a bottle of Vicodin and vengeance after his wife is killed. The movie is currently in post-production and it’s sequel, “Double Tap: Rewind” is currently being filmed.

LaSardo also stars as Maurice Keenan in the recently completed, “Uncle Bob,” a documentary about Robert Opel, the man who streaked the Academy Awards and who was murdered in 1979.

In addition, as the FX series “Nip/Tuck” begins to wrap up, Robert will return as the plastic surgeons’ nemesis Escobar Gallardo sometime in 2010.

So while his fans won’t get to witness LaSardo wreak havoc on General Hospital anytime soon, there are plenty of opportunities to catch him elsewhere!