In this edition of the “General Hopsital” Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1983 when Lesley Webber believed Laura Spencer was dead…

This week in Port Charles, Ava and Julian Jerome discussed the impact of losing a child. Back then, Lesley had to leave the table at Thanksgiving because she was still so bereft over the loss of her daughter Laura. Previously, Lesley worked to find Laura when she ran off with Luke, but this time, Laura was kidnapped by David Grey while away with work. Laura was presumed dead but she was actually being held captive by the Cassadines. Rick Webber followed Lesley out onto the Whittakers’ porch and talked to her about holding on to the special memories, but also moving forward. Lesley asked how he had handled it so well, and he explained that he had accepted that Laura was gone.

After Lesley and Rick shared an embrace, they went back into the house. Do you remember what Lesley wanted to do once she returned to the table?

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Photo credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

– Candace Young