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General Hosptial Rundown for June 1 – 5!

As I stated last week, I don’t have a problem with Luke being Ethan’s father even though that means he cheated on Laura. What I do have a problem with, is how they are trying to make us have sympathy for Luke. Even though Lucky has done some of the same things as Luke, of course he’s disappointed in his father, but Holly told him he should be grateful Luke came back to him and Laura. Really? Luke was married with a son, of course he should have returned home. He shouldn’t have run off in the first place. Then Luke gets mad at Tracy after everything he’s done to her in their marriage? Shouldn’t he really be mad at Holly for keeping his son from him for 20 some years? And shouldn’t Tracy be kicking Luke to the curb? It’s really just a convoluted mess. Instead of playing games, Holly should have just told them the truth and Luke should have had a heart to heart with Lucky and Lulu about it. Lucky and Luke could have shared their similar pasts of philandering and maybe Lucky could have begun to understand and accept his father’s faults. It could have been a good character story about father and sons, but instead we got a story about con artists.

Now on to the mob. They are making Sonny look so stupid right now they way he is holding out for evidence against Claudia on Michael’s shooting. Shouldn’t he be trying to figure it out and in mean time not give her the benefit of the doubt? That’s the Sonny I know. Jason should give Sonny the tape and be done with it. Sonny isn’t going to kill his own baby, but if Sonny let Claudia know that he knew she ordered the hit that accidentally shot Michael, we could then see Claudia sweating it out until her baby does come and when she would fully feel Sonny’s wrath. And just why does Spinelli care what happens to Claudia? I didn’t really get why he defended her to Jason.