That was weird.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1996 when “General Hospital’s” Brenda Barrett found out Sonny Corinthos was claustrophobic…

Port Charles’ Lucas Jones learned about Brad Cooper’s past marriage to Rosalie this week, and back then, Sonny told Brenda about his childhood. After Sonny was injected with heroin, Brenda worked with him to try to find the nurse that had been on duty in the hospital that night as she had gone missing. During their search, Sonny and Brenda ended up having to hide when two men showed up unexpectedly at the location where they were looking for clues. As they hid, Sonny began sweating, gritting his teeth, and squeezing his eyes shut as the claustrophobia took hold. Previously, Brenda flirted with Sonny at a car lot, but now she was seriously concerned over the strange behavior of the man she cared about. She questioned him, and Sonny opened up about how his stepfather used to get drunk and lock him in a closet when he was small.

Do you remember where Sonny and Brenda had to hide during their investigation?