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Rants and raves for the week of August 10 – 14:

Last week “General Hospital” was on fire, this week a fire in Port Charles would have been more exciting than what we got. Let’s discuss!

Marry me you liar.
The Jake storyline is the epitome of what needs to change on this show with the new writers. Not only has his amnesia dragged out way too long, now Liz is getting rewarded with a marriage proposal from him. There is too much darkness and not enough happy pay-offs for the viewers. The most recent pay-off was little Jake’s return, and that was basically another reward for Liz!

Move in with me you liar.
If Hayden is lying about her memory loss, then she is doing an amazing job. It would appear though based on Friday’s show that she’s not faking it. The scenes between her and Nikolas were one of the highlights this week, especially when she tried to put on the good Catholic schoolgirl act with him. These two were always electric together on screen, so I look forward to more of those sparks.

Which liar killed Silas?
In last week’s Deconstructing GH I discussed that while Silas’ death was unfortunate, it had led to a good old fashion murder mystery. While the story started off great, it’s now hit pointless and useless territory with all the “it could have happened this way” scenarios we had to watch. Ava being haunted by ghost Silas seems to be nothing more than a red herring to make the viewers think she did it. I hate that Ava once again has the upper hand with the photo of Nina, and that nobody thought to challenge her and point out that it also puts her at the scene of the crime. Ava and Nina’s catfight over the phone was at least good for a laugh, as was Ava explaining “the cloud” to a clueless Nina. Nina’s scenes at Shadybrook with the catatonic player were also one of the highlights of the week.

I was glad to see Kiki finally start questioning her father’s murder and the fact that Franco had no real motive to do it. Seeing Morgan squirm and try and prove her wrong is really making me think he did it. If he did kill Silas, it’s probably the only interesting thing he’s done. Part of me used to feel sorry for Morgan, as he was always jealous of Michael the golden boy. Now I don’t feel bad for him at all.