A crime to be nice to someone?

In this Throwback Thursday poll, Soaps.com goes back to 1992 on “General Hospital” when Tracy Quartermaine confronted Paul Hornsby after overhearing him make plans with Jenny Eckert. Her brother Bill Eckert was double-crossed by Lucy Coe and Scott Baldwin.

Tracy Quartermaine seemed pretty satisfied in Port Charles after her recent bedroom encounter with ex-husband Paul Hornsby. But she was certainly singing a different tune back in 1992 when she was suspicious that her husband was having an affair with her son Ned Ashton’s wife, Jenny. After overhearing the two of them talk about the fun day they had just spent together from the window of Dillon’s nursery, new mom Tracy seethed when she heard Paul and Jenny make plans to see each other again the very next day.

When Paul found Tracy a few minutes later to tell her about his day, he left out the part where he spent it with Jenny. Tracy called him a liar, but he swore he was only helping Jenny out after her car died. He even had a receipt proving the car repairs but Tracy refused to believe him. Tracy could see how Paul and Jenny looked at each other and knew there was nothing innocent between her husband and her daughter-in-law. Eventually Paul told Tracy he just didn’t care anymore and walked out – and right into Jenny’s open and willing arms.

When Paul and Jenny were joking around outside Tracy’s window about the day they had, he dissed Jenny’s running skills by saying she didn’t compare to a certain famous track star. Do you remember who that was?