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Rants and raves for the week of August 3 – 7:

It would appear that Post-Luke “General Hospital” is doing just fine in terms of entertaining stories. The story dominating most of the airtime this week was of course the murder of Silas Clay, that had people talking. Let’s discuss!

A good old fashion who-dunnit.
In last week’s Deconstructing GH I praised Michael Easton for finally being able to show off his acting chops. Many viewers were outraged that this underutilized fan favorite was killed off, but that’s the way the soap cookie crumbles sometimes. I’m sad to see anyone out of a job, but I can’t deny that I love a good old fashion soap murder mystery. I thought Hayley Erin (Kiki) did an amazing job, especially when she took her anger out on the prime suspect Franco. My heart broke for both of them, as this is likely going to forever change their relationship. He’s basically the only parental figure she has left given Ava is “dead.”

Both Ava and Morgan seemed the most suspicious in their actions, and Ghost Silas appeared to point the finger at Ava when he visited her and reminded her of her motto “no regrets.” Did Ava do it to keep her secret? We then saw a flashback of Ava leaving Silas’ apartment, but don’t know what she did or found there. Something tells me we are in for a lot more flashbacks as we work up to who the murderer is.

Ava as the killer might be too easy though. Morgan would definitely be a shocker, as he is supposed to care about Kiki, but my money is still on Ric right now. He looked oddly nervous returning to his room just as Silas’ body was found. Later when Nina asked Ric to defend Franco, he couldn’t say no and high tail it out of Shadybrook fast enough. Very suspicious!

The scenes between Obrecht and Franco were amazing as always. These two actors definitely shine when they work together, and the zingers between them are hilarious. I love the idea of Obrecht working to help Franco. Move over Bones as there’s a new forensic detective on TV, Dr. O!