Stay away from my husband.

This edition of the Throwback Thursday poll takes readers back to 1991 when “General Hospital’s” Simone Hardy had it out with Lucy Coe…

Port Charles’ Carly Corinthos confronted Denise DeMuccio/Ava Jerome this week, and back then, Simone faced off with Lucy over Tom Hardy. Simone returned from a trip to find Lucy saying hello to Tom at the hospital. He was trying to give Lucy the brush-off when Simone intervened and made a point of kissing him deeply. As Lucy turned to go, Simone stopped her for a ‘chat’. Lucy tried to make small talk with Simone, but she was having none of it. She flat out told Lucy to stay away from her husband.

The couple had previously faced troubles when Simone’s mother Pauline altered her paternity test results, but this time the focus was on Lucy, who had slept with Tom. In the past, Lucy cheated on Alan Quartermaine and Simone threw her history up to her during their confrontation, calling her an ‘overworked tramp’ who had slept with almost every man in Port Charles. Lucy slapped Simone, who threw her coffee at Lucy, and a catfight ensued. Dr. Tony Jones, Tom, and Dr. Steve Hardy broke it up.

Before Simone told Lucy to stay away from Tom, Lucy tried to ask Simone about her trip. Do you remember where Simone had been?