Two functioning kidneys...

Rants and raves for the week of July 20 – 24:

This week was the final full week for Anthony Geary, as Luke Spencer departs Port Charles next Monday. Let’s dish on Luke’s farewell, along with the other secrets and lies that are set to blow up the lives of those on “General Hospital.”

Countdown to Luke’s exit.
Luke’s goodbye scenes with Tracy were phenomenal. I loved everything she said to him about both of them needing to find themselves without the other. Between these scenes and those at their engagement party where Tracy let Luke have it for going off with Laura, Jane Elliott has earned herself a Daytime Emmy as far as I’m concerned. She’s been simply amazing.

It seemed fitting that Luke would decide his future at the old Spencer house, while also facing the ghosts of his past. I adore seeing Laura Wright (Carly) playing Luke’s mother, and I would love to see the young actress who played Patricia be given a present role on the show. She’s brilliant. It’s definitely going to be a different show without Luke Spencer on it. I am actually looking forward to what the future holds for both Tracy and Laura’s characters without Luke.

Dante’s secret will destroy everyone.
It was nice to see Dante admit he was not only wrong, but that he’s been no different than Sonny in trying to rationalize why he cheated. Meanwhile Lulu seems to be blaming herself for what happened as if she hadn’t lied to Dante then he never would have kissed Valerie. Oh how foolish she will feel for putting part of the blame on herself when the whole truth comes out. As if what Dante did wasn’t despicable enough, now he’s dragged Nathan and Maxie into it by confiding in Nathan. After a year of listening to Nathan lecture Maxie about honesty, he’s going to be the one with egg on his face when this comes out. I don’t think Maxie will be pleased with him at all. Dante’s secret is likely going to take down two relationships when all is said and done. I wish the writers could find a story for Nathan and Maxie that doesn’t involve tearing them apart.

Soon everyone in Port Charles will know about Jason, except Jason.
Every week it seems someone new in town learns that Jake is Jason. This week it was Laura, who threatened to reveal the truth, but like everyone else is keeping the secret. Are you kidding me? Half the town will know who he is before he does, and then he’ll probably want to move out because they are all rotten people for lying to him.