She played Elizabeth’s sister Sarah Webber on General Hospital and “Port Charles” in 2002 and Serah D’Laine (formerly Sarah Laine) has worked steadily in films and TV since.

The actress, who was born in Santa Barbara and then moved to Europe before returning to the states to live in Michigan and then Laguna, California, started her soap career on Passions playing Mindy for two episodes. She then moved on to guest star on “Roswell” and “Spin City” before landing an appearance in the film “American Pie 2.”

After her GH and “Port Charles” gig in 2002, Serah appeared in episodes of “Like Family”, “Jake in Progress” and “Cold Case” and played Dr. Megan Winters in “Wicked Wicked Games.”

Her movie credits include the lead role in “Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough,” Zombie Cara in “Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane” and a young nurse in “Parasomnia.”

2009 has been a big year for Serah so far, as the former soap actress starred in the February released “Redefining Love” with former “Full House” star Jodie Sweetin and can be seen in “Knuckle Draggers,” where she portrays Erica in the comedy about how little things have changed between men and women over the years. “Knuckle Draggers” will be screened at film festivals throughout the summer, but to get a sneak peek at the movie, where Serah is said to bring an “unexpected twist,” check out the trailer on the movie’s website.

Next up, Serah will be seen in “The Rig,” which tells the story of an offshore oil rig crew who gets caught in a tropical storm and must survive the attack of a creature after invading its undersea habitat. “The Rig” also stars William Forsythe. enjoys catching up with what former soap stars are up to and wishes Serah continued success in Primetime and film!