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Rants and raves for the week of July 6 – 10:

After a few slow and dull weeks, “General Hospital” finally picked up the pace and made some storyline progress. Let’s discuss!

Luke’s adventure is almost at an end.
At this point is seems the writers simply decided to bring back as many characters from Luke’s past as they could, threw them all together, and hoped the viewers didn’t care that the storyline isn’t making sense because they gave us the brief return of some popular characters. Let’s be honest about some of those returns, Holly and Ethan’s were so short that if you blinked you missed them.

This insane story has jumped from Jennifer Smith, to Frank Smith, to Helena Cassadine as the villain behind Luke’s last adventure, and it’s all been a dizzying blur. At least Jennifer and Frank Smith have a family connection, but how did we go from Lucky getting mixed up with Frank’s revenge scheme to Helena having little Jake on Cassadine Island? I want the dots connected!

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Little Jake is back.
The payoff of this crazy adventure has been the return of little Jake. Bringing him back was a great and unexpected twist. It will also definitely complicate Liz’s relationship with big Jake, as now she’s not just keeping Jake/Jason from one son, but two of them. I do hope they give the tyke a thorough brain scan, because who knows what Helena has done to him. He could be conditioned to be a total devil child.

Fun with fireworks.
Denise telling Franco the truth about herself as they watched the fireworks was a great scene, but I can’t believe he’s going along with her plot. It remains to be seen what she really can do for him in regards to Nina. Meanwhile Nina spent time watching the fireworks with Silas. Oddly, I really don’t hate them together. When they are being civil they work, and she definitely makes Silas a lot more interesting. Otherwise he’s just dullsville. Then there was Jake and Sam, who ended up together after their real dates had to deal with other things. In last week’s Deconstructing GH I ranted about how frustrating it is that nobody can figure out Jake is Jason when the facts are staring them in the face. This week continued that trend, with Danny yet again running to and clinging onto Jake. It’s too bad that kid can’t talk yet.