Aaron Refvem took over the role as the SORASed Morgan this week on GH so Soaps.com thought we’d give you a little background on the young actor.

Aside from some commercial work, Refvem appeared in three episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” this year as Jackson Prescott, one episode of “Two and a Half Men” and one episode of “The Cleaner.” He was also in the movies, “Little Canyon,” “The Van Pelt Family” and “Rockabye.”

He will soon be seen in the upcoming movies, “Baby O” and “Opposite Day,” which coincidentally co-stars Dylan Cash who played Michael before Drew Garrett took over the role.

Apparently Aaron has some vocal talents as well, as he proves by channeling his inner Steve Perry and rocking out to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” in the following video clip.

Soaps.com welcomes Aaron to GH and looks forward to seeing more of his portrayal of Morgan.