Credit: The dastardly duo.

Rants and raves for the week of June 22 – 26:

This week was far better than last week, yet Luke’s big send-off storyline is still stuck in a rut. Let’s get to ranting about this week’s episodes of “General Hospital.”

Lucky is still MIA.
In last week’s Deconstructing GH I discussed how it almost seems like Lucky is behind his own kidnapping in order to reunite his parents. This week, however, Jennifer Smith claimed to have him and attempted to seduce Luke in exchange for his son, which we found out was all a lie. It would seem unlikely that Lucky would want to do that to his father if he was behind this, and we are no closer to any answers.

The writers seem set on bringing anyone and everyone from Luke’s past back for his big goodbye, but the Jennifer Smith plot fell short. Sure, she was over the top and insane, so that part was fun. However had they been able to get one of the three actors who actually played the part before then it would have been great nostalgia. Unfortunately using a recast just seemed to serve no purpose, other than to fill up time. Hopefully Holly’s return on Friday, played by the original actress, will move things forward finally.

Valerie, wrongfully vilified or scheming genius?
I just can’t figure out Valerie. When she first came onto the show she seemed to be throwing herself at Dante every chance she got. Lately she’s cooled it off, and she’s almost convinced me that she really doesn’t want to ruin Lulu’s marriage. Part of me just doesn’t trust her though, which makes me think she’s some kind of master manipulating evil genius. Unfortunately Lulu running around with shirtless Dillon and keeping secrets with him from Dante isn’t helping, and Dante going off and getting drunk just made Valerie’s job easier. I’m very disappointed in his kissing Valerie, as I didn’t expect this from him without having all the details. I expected it from her though, and she’ll probably convince him it was a mistake and they should keep it their secret.

Nikolas and Rosalie exposed!
Nikolas and Rosalie both were exposed, and Nikolas’ former friends roasted him for his betrayal. When the truths about Jason and Lomax are revealed, he may never have a friend in town again. Rosalie, well this is just more water off her back as a lot of people already disliked her thanks to her association with Nina. Her secret has been brought up a lot lately, which gives me hope we may finally learn it. After waiting so long, it better be really juicy. What do you think her secret is? Vote in’s General Hospital Poll: What is Rosalie’s secret?