Not a democratic vote.

This week in the Throwback Thursday poll, goes back to 1991 when “General Hospital’s” Quartermaine family held a very tense board meeting…

Port Charles’ Tracy Quartermaine and Michael Quartermaine called an emergency ELQ board meeting this week. Back then, an ELQ board meeting was called after Edward Quartermaine, who had been missing for two years, was discovered living on a beach in the Bahamas by Anna Devane and returned home. During his absence, Paul Hornsby had taken over the company from Ned Ashton, and with Edward back, a vote was to be taken to decide who would be the CEO once and for all. Attendees at the meeting included shareholders Monica and Alan Quartermaine, Bill Eckert and Julia Barrett, Tracy, Paul, and A.J. Quartermaine. Also present were Scott Baldwin and Lucy Coe, who were later confronted about the outcome of a custody suit when Bill Eckert was double-crossed. Ned was elected as CEO after Edward announced that all Quartermaines would vote for Ned or be kicked out of his will.

As everyone arrived for the meeting, Lucy stopped several of the influential board members and offered to vote their way if they would back her latest project. Do you remember what it was? Vote in our “GH” poll: