America Olivo (MySpace)

In 2008 America Olivo played the first incarnation of Ric’s love interest Marianna on GH. Even though the actress was let go from the role after just a few episodes, she has kept busy with several new projects, one of which was nabbing the cover of Playboy for the June issue! recently had the chance to talk with America and learned just how busy she has been since leaving GH and that her brief stop in Port Charles isn’t her only soap connection. Congratulations on your Playboy cover and photo spread! How did that come about?

America Olivo: Thank you! It’s such an honor to have been given the cover. I’m blown away with what Terry Richardson and Playboy put together! It’s so colorful and fun and vibrant and fresh! I feel lucky to have been invited to contribute to their creative vision.

How did this come about…Hmm, well…I did a February one pager for Playboy shot by Brie Childers in their Becoming Attractions lucky page number 13 helping to promote the new “Friday the 13th” and because “F-13” was such a success and with my new movie “Bitch Slap” coming out, we talked about then doing a little spread. Jokingly I said, “How about you give me the cover.” While there are no guarantees of the cover when you are shooting your spread, you’d be silly not to shoot for the cover. Terry Richardson nailed the look and vibe Playboy was going for and voila! Ask and you shall receive. Is posing for Playboy something you’ve always wanted to do?

America: “Always” is a strange way to put it. I don’t think there are many little girls out there who are reading Playboy and dreaming about posing naked, ha ha. However, when I was little, my father’s big claim to fame growing up was that he’d shot a one page coat add that was placed in a Playboy issue. He used to brag about having modeled in Playboy. I think it may have been my father’s dream before it was mine.

I had battled with being reserved, modest, and shy about a lot of things, including my body, for so many years. Once I got over that, started appreciating my body for what I have rather than what I thought I was missing. I finally feel proud and free of inhibitions. I dreamt of having the opportunity to share in my newfound freedom with feeling comfortable in my own skin, literally. I didn’t think I dreamt it would on quite this large of a scale! You played Marianna on GH for a few episodes and then the character was recast. What was your experience like on the soap and what were your thoughts on that decision?

America: I had a blast on General Hospital. I worked right before and right after Christmas break, however, and I didn’t have the chance to meet a lot of the GH family. I grew up with my bro-in-law, Jason Brooks (ex-Peter), being on Days of Our Lives, so I’d always heard such wonderful things about the soap experience. I’d never been on a soap and was delighted to have had the experience, even if short lived. Though GH decided to take Marianna in another direction, I was so pleased to have lived her, if only for a few episodes. Everything happens for a reason, and if I had still been on GH, I wouldn’t have been able to do “Bitch Slap” with co-stars Minae Noji (Kelly) and Ron Melendez (ex-Andy), also from GH, and I wouldn’t have been in “Friday the 13th,” nor promoting “Bitch Slap” on the cover of Playboy. A perfect example of when a door closes a window opens! Minae, Ron, and I missed on the set of GH, but are now fabulous “Bitch Slap” friends. So, it’s all in the family!