Another soap couch soiled.

Rants and raves for the week of June 15 – 19

It was a fairly lackluster week in Port Charles that seemed more about recapping things for part time viewers than advancing any of the stories. Let’s rant about what happened on “General Hospital.”

Lucky not living up to his name.
Viewers learned that Lucky has been kidnapped and whoever is holding him has demanded that Luke and Laura convince everyone that they’ve reunited. What the heck? This sounds more like a scheme a kid would cook up in order to get their divorced parents back together. It makes me wonder if Lucky really is in danger, or is he part of this bizarre plot?

Check out’s interview with Genie Francis, in which the actress revealed that Luke and Laura’s search for Lucky is was takes them on a journey out of Port Charles. “And beyond that I can’t really tell you because it goes on for a while like that,” Francis teased.

Looks and brains!
Not only is Dillon easy on the eyes, but the boy has some smarts! Bravo to him for remembering his family’s company is in the throes of a hostile takeover and not trading even half of one percent of his shares to Nikolas in exchange for financing his movies. Maybe someone should make him CEO of ELQ.

How low can they go?
In last week’s Deconstructing GH I discussed how it was hard to see Nikolas as a villain at times. This week he proved me wrong by not giving two squats about using his own sister to further his plot to take over ELQ. Talk about cold! It was ironic seeing him rant about how much better Laura is than Luke because what he’s doing is on evil Luke’s level. It will break his mother’s heart along with everyone else’s who have cared about him over the years.

Liz continues to prove how much of a snake she can be with the lies she’s telling Jake and the intel she’s feeding Nikolas. I’m more upset about what Liz is doing than Nikolas is, mainly because I think she has such amazing chemistry with Jake. However there is no way he will forgive her for all that she’s done once the truth comes out. The only way she can hold onto him now is to trap him with a baby.